Thursday, March 31, 2011

When One of Your Favorite Artist now OWNS One of Your Original Paintings that = Winning!

Last night at The Stage was crazy. Taalam Acey, one of my all-time favorite spoken word artist was featured last night and completely killed it. The 1st time I heard of Taalam I was on a hip hop message board back in 2007 when someone posted this video of him doing my favorite piece "Market For Nigga$".

It literally changed my whole view on how I saw the world and how blacks were marketed. Later on in my life while I was doing my stint as a rapper (yeah I did lol), I was so inspired by that piece I did a whole mixtape on that concept.

Taalam is crazy ill on the mic, he revealed to us that he writes and edits all these amazing pieces he does in his head, while performing. Thats insane! I can barely type and pay attention to what I'm typing (thank God for spell check). Taalam is so dope a poet that Stevie Wonder, let me say it again STEVIE WONDER interviewed HIM. Thats nuts, and also brings us to the point of this blog lol. I had done this oil painting in August of last year of the legendary Stevie Wonder.

Stevie is my favorite artist of all time, in fact the very last mixtape I did during my rapping stint was a tribute to him called InPlainSight: A Stevie Wonder Tribute. I had this painting hanging in my apartment since I made it, and just so happen I decided to bring it out with me to The Stage last night. And it just clicked with me that I should give it to Taalam. So long story short, I can now officially say one of my favorite paintings is now own by one of my favorite spoken world artist the renown Taalam Acey. *In Charlie Sheen voice* WINNING!


As of last night, I can not only say the incredible Taalam Acey has my painting but that the beautiful and amazing Queen Sheba also owns a Jason Fleurant original painting. She was the featured artist and Love Jones alongside Taalam Acey, and I just couldn't pass up giving her one of my works as appreciation for her a amazing talent. She straight shut it down. I gave her "Khamaileon's Infusion".

Monday, March 28, 2011

Untitled Painting

I had one last canvas and it was one of the big ones (36 x 48). Don't ask me how I came up with the concept because if I knew that I'd probably have a name for it lol. I was messing around using that draw style contour-lining because of the way I can use colors when I paint and this happen. A name we'll appear eventually lol. I like this style just because it's different, and gives me another dimension for a lack of better words. I'm sure there is a name for the style.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Just being different with my art...Martin Luther King Jr & Malcom X and Khamailéōn's Infusion

I've always been left amazed at the picture of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X standing their together. Not just because they were to remarkable men, legends with the same goal in a sense but to radically different view points of acheiving them. Of course you can sort of simpliy the ideas they stod for with soundbites.

With Martin it was : "Non-violence, non-violence"

Malcolm : "By any means, necessary"

Martin Luther King Jr. On Malcom X

Malcom X on Martin Luther King Jr.

The thing that amazed me about the picture was the fact the two snapped in that moment were the only two ever taken of these men. I wonder what it would of been like to be a fly on that wall during the meeting between the two.

The other painting I did is called Khamaileon's Infusion. At the time I did it I couldn't think of a name so I asked my friends on Facebook to come up with one (truthfully I'm no good at naming these things). Melody came up with "Khamileon's Cover" and Desiree came up with "Infusion', I liked both and combined it.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Video Making of: Jason Fleurant's The Batman

Wasn't feeling well last night, still not but I wanted to finish this series if you will. While watching The Heatles win again last night I painted part 3 0f the 3 recreations... this being the 1st appearance of The Batman created by Bob Kane. Batman 1st debuted in Detective Comics issue 27 (later renamed DC Comics). Click the names to check out the Amazing Spider-Man, And Superman.

I'm pretty happy with how all three have turned out. Thought it was a cool concept and glad I finished them. Of course I've got nothing on the legends that created this iconic images and heroes that have such a huge impact on popular culture for years and years to come. In many ways these 3 are what define what comic book heroes are define as. All 3 have transcendent the pages of imagination and gone on to be some of the most recognizable brands ever. Touching everything from tv to movies and so much more.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sped Up Video Jason Fleurant's Superman

This is the second of the three paintings I was doing were I was creating my version of classic iconic comic book covers. The first one I did was Jack Kirby's Spider-man. This time I'm tackling Jerry Sigel and Joe Shuster's Action Comic debut of Superman. The original iconic cover was drawn by Jerry Shuster.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Upcoming Event: The Art Of Soul - Through Paintings And Poetry

This has proven to be a very cool journey and time in my life. I'm excited about things to come like April 8th's show: The Art of Soul - Through Paintings and Poetry, where my art will be featured along side to incredible poets Yanatha and Steiman Desouvre. It's going to be incredible, and I'm nervous about it but hard at work creating pieces. The beautiful thing is we're bring attention to great foundation... Foundation Hope For Haiti, while displaying our talents. As three young Haitian men, it's only right we use what God has blessed us with to represent our people properly.

Here's a little more info about it:

The Art of Soul—Through Paintings and Poetry
for National Poetry Month

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – “The Art of Soul—Through Paintings and Poetry” is a free event that will feature the paintings of Jason Fluerant along with poems performed by published authors Yanatha and Steiman Desouvre. The event will be held at Gilou Island Cuisine in West Palm Beach, Fla., on Friday, April 8 at 7pm. The event is being coordinated to raise awareness for Foundation Hope for Haiti (

These young men of unique talents are not simply talented individuals—all three endeavor to motivate others to reach out for their every dream. Fluerant and the Desouvre brothers are combining their unique and complementary talents to encourage others to see the opportunity in every moment of life through paintings and poems.

“Every one of my paintings tells a story of success, sacrifice and empowerment. My paintings are simply a part of my soul being transferred over to the canvas,” Jason Fluerant explains, “and I want everyone to see that there are many ways for us to express ourselves.” Yanatha Desouvre added, “Through my writing and performances, my ultimate hope is to bring out the best in others. My poems are personal, yet, have a universal theme of encouragement.” Steiman Desouvre seeks to touch the reader’s soul and connect to their most inner voice and most inner sanctum. He believes that “poetry is more alive than ever.” All three artists invite the public to join them on Friday, April 8, 2011 at 7pm as they express the “art of soul” through painting and poetry while raising awareness for Foundation Hope for Haiti.

Foundation Hope for Haiti is the America-based development arm of Foundation Espoir, created to support projects in Haiti through fundraising awareness and nurturing of long term relationships with national and international friends of Haiti (

Jason Fluerant, born in Illinois to two wonderful Haitian Immigrants, was reared in the sunny, but more dangerous areas in West Palm Beach, Fla., where he still resides. Although having taken only one formal art class during his freshman year at Palm Beach Lakes High School, Fluerant found his natural painting ability propelled and guided to incredible levels after the shocking January 12, 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince that registered 7.0 on the Richter scale. Fleurant’s work was displayed on the Lynn University campus for the one year anniversary of the Journey of Hope mission to Haiti event held on January 12, 2011.

Steiman Desouvre, born on the magnificent island of Hispaniola in the city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, moved to the United States at the age of eight and now lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. His collections cover a wide spectrum of human emotions, dilemmas and experiences and he encourages all to read them and be inspired. He studied Computer Information Systems at Drexel University, and currently runs a technology consulting company and a music-production business.

Yanatha Desouvre was born in Haiti and grew up in Brooklyn and Philadelphia. He resides in West Palm Beach; Fla. Desouvre received his MBA in Marketing and Mass Communication and Media Management from Lynn University in 2010 and his Bachelor of Science Degree from Drexel University in Management Information Systems and Marketing in 2001.

Gilou Island Cuisine is located at 1922 N. Military Trail, West Palm Beach, Fla., 33409 at the corner of Military Trail and Okeechobee Boulevard. For more information about the restaurant, contact Gilou at 561-269-5345.

For interview requests contact: Cierra Communications
Tel: 561-713-0462

If you can make it, it'll be awesome.

Out of curiosity I went through my paintings from last year and saw that the first painting I did on actual canvas was March 14th, 2010. At the time I was still using those Walgreen brand watercolor paint and I had got a 3pack of 8x10 canvas. I painted this picture of a man praying as Haiti was being held by God. And A angel was in the background waving the Haitian flag.

I had given it to my mother in a frame. She loves it and proudly displays it in her house. Fast forward to March 14, 2010 I can see that for a guy whose self taught and only been painting for a year and some change now I've come quite a way. The painting I did March 14, 2010 is theDwayne Wade and Lebron James Takeover. I'm thinking of possibly recreating it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sped Up Video Jason Fleurant's Amazing Spider-man

I decided to do a series of paintings. This is the 1st of the 3, I'm doing my interpretation of 3 iconic comic book covers that mark the 1st appearance of the 3 most famous comic book characters ever. Those being Superman, Batman, and Spider-man. The 1st one I did was Jack Kirby's cover of Spider-man from Amazing Fantasy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Video making of: Dwayne Wade And Lebron James Takeover Painting

First off congrats to my Miami Heatles for giving The Spurs the bizness last night. Payback for when the thrashed us for 30pts, we returned the favor and smashed them for 30pts. Can you hear the haters jumping back on the bandwagon? I can.

Anyway, yesterday was my day off from work and I couldn't decide rather to go to the movies or buy more canvas to work on. I opted to buy more canvas and paint. So on this 22x28 canvas I had I started working on this painting. It's based on one of my favorite pictures from this season, a picture that will probably define The Miami Heat this year.

Dwayne Wade driving to the hole on a fast break, passes to a speeding Lebron who makes a thunderous slam. Wade doesn't even look back, he knew his pass was good and he knew Bron would throw it down. So he just looks out into the crowd with a look of "hell yeah we've arrived"! A magnificent play...I need to get this poster. Or I can just settle for my painting lol. I started this at 3pm and crazy enough ended at exactly 8pm just in time to watch The Heatles beat the number one team in the NBA The Spurs! Go Heat!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Video Of Wade V Kobe: For Glory Painting

I was flipping through photos of The Heatles vs The Lake Show game from Thursday, when my Miami Heat ended a 5 game loosing streak and the Lakers 8 game winning streak. This one photo caught my attention of Dwayne Wade (who was ballin!!!!) going toe to toe with the great and most hated Kobe Bryant.

Something about that photo was just screaming dope to me. So I just wanted to flip it. Whenever The Heat played The Lakers it was always great performances between Wade and Bryant. I started this at like 9:30pm and ended at 2am something... which btw is now technically 3am because of daylight saving time, so Spring Forward!

I chose Kanye West song "The Glory" from Graduation was because it went great with the title. It's a battle of two greats for The Glory. I forget Kanye had that line in the song where name checks Wade sayin "In 2yrs Dwayne Wayne became Dwayne Wade", nice!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Making Of The Guitarist Painting

Just wanted to do something a little different. The thing I love about that style where when you do the sketch you can't pick up the pencil is when I get to paint it the way the lines cause break ups lets me have cool uses for colors.

The song playing is Train's - Hey Soul Sister. I like that group. I heard there going to be at Sun Fest this year in West Palm Beach, so I'm def trying to see that.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Notorious B.I.G Painting

Yesterday was the 14th (God I can't believe it's been that long) anniversary of the death of Notorious B.I.G. So like most Biggie fans I was listening to his music all day. Biggie was one of my favorite artist growing, not just cause of his music. But because of his whole vibe, or what is known now as swag. Being the extra dark skin big kid at school, seeing Biggie's chrasima and way with the ladies made me a little more comfortable in my skin. I lived that line "Hearthrob never, big, black ugly as ever. However, I stay Coogi down to the socks".

I wanted to do a little something different when I painted him. To give it something of a 'abstract' type of vibe I used the method where you don't pick up the pencil so the whole sketch is essentially one line. We'll always love ya, Big Poppa!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Painting/Making Of Video... The Love

I love how a couple hours can get jammed into a few minutes..something beautiful about that. I call this... The Love. It just reflects the beauty of a relationship...the happiness. The song playing is Lyfe Jennings "Never, Neverland" from his album "Lyfe Change"

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sped Up Painting Video - Father And Sun

It's been a while since I made a sped up video of me painting... 3hrs down 2 4mins

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Painting Muhammad Ali vs Superman

How's this for a "Clash of the Titians"....The Man of Steel vs The Peoples Champion. It's probably one of the most famous comics ever released and most well known comic cover. There in the middle of a ring Muhammad Ali squaring off against Superman off all people. I'm going to avoid spoiling the details in case you decide to read it for yourself.

It was cool to me to learn some years down the line when I started getting into comics of this issue. And I just had to reinterpret it my way. For Superman I went with a more Christoper Reeve/ Brandon Roth look seeing they play him in the live action movies (ugh Superman Returns sucked!). And for Muhammad Ali, I grabbed one of his photos so I can have a more realistic look to him.

I didn't want to do a exact version, because where's the fun in that?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Interview With Myself... Get To Know Jason Fleurant the Artist

People always seem to ask me the same questions time and time again when they find out that I paint. And since I'm not great with on the spot responses (I'm much better when I can sit and think my thoughts out) I decided to take the time to answer more thoroughly the simple questions. So I interviewed myself.

What's your back ground?
I'm Haitian American, my parents are from Haiti and I was born in Evanston, Illinois. We lived in Chicago for a period, but I was raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. So I'm a southern gentleman.

How and when did you start doing art?

Growing up I used to sketch all the time, but I never really took it seriously because it came to me to easily. I always figured it can't be that special if I can just do it as easily as I breathe. Yet I loved to draw so I would still continue. When I was little the church we went to hadn't had it's own building yet so it was based out of Lake Worth High School. Our Sunday school class was usually held in their art classroom, so I would stare at the artwork and emulate what I saw. It's where I learned the basics of "Shadowing" and how to draw faces and do the body positions. I'd flip through the class work and learned from there (my bad to anyone's work I was messing with).

In school, I was known for that style and people would always be standing over my shoulders watching as I'd draw. It was pretty annoying and uncomfortable to me because I'm a naturally shy person so it felt as though I was becoming something of a show. One of my teachers suggested that I audition for the school of arts for high school, so I went for it. Unfortunately I wasn't accepted so it took a blow to my confidence with art. Not only that, but at the time I had people who were close to me downplaying this "talent" to the extent I started believing that I wasn't good at all. When I got to high school, I took a art class freshman year but due to my teacher continuously telling me I wasn't cutting it I started to hate art.

I lost desire to draw all together, dropped that class and just focused on living life. The only time I revisited art was when I had emotions building up to a point inside of me that I needed to vent. So I'd have these random moments of artistic outburst and then I'd fall back. Years flew by with out me really caring about art till I met a friend who inspired me and I did a portrait for her. After that I did a random sketch or two out of bordem but still wasn't caring about art.

That was until January 12, 2010 when the earthquakes shook up Haiti. I remember just sitting there stun seeing these images, images of my people suffering. Sitting back horrified, wondering if my family was okay and how much more my fellow Haitians could and would have to endure. My frustrations for not being able to do anything burst out on to paper, where I would just sketch these images I seen. That led to me getting color pencils, which led to me getting Walgreen's watercolor, and that led to me getting paint. Still at this time I wasn't taking it serious, but at some point my art wasn't just me painting what was going on in Haiti. It started to become paintings based on lyrics in songs and just ideas stuck in my head. And I would just keep and keep on painting.

My friend Yanatha would go on to suggest that I get canvas, and start painting and selling the art. I obviously still didn't feel confident in my work but did eventually make my way to Michael's and brought those. The day I started painting on canvas, I was hooked and never looked back. I think the one advantage I had from not being formally trained in art is I don't feel restricted by any rules. I can do what I feel like doing with styles and colors. One of my biggest supporters was The Stage. They gave me an outlet to display and share my artwork with people and I so very much I appreciate Shawn and Desiree for it. As well as Yanatha, who got me my first showing at Lynn University, for an event ironically enough that was born from very tragedy that birth me as an artist.

What media do you work with? What type of style of art would you claim is yours?

I've been exploring all types of mediums to work from. It's been a lot of trial and error because I was teaching myself, but I think I've got a solid handle on acrylic and oil. I prefer Acrylic because obviously it dries faster and is easier to control but I love the way that a canvas feels after it's done. It's weird to explain I guess, but when you touch the original painting when it's done it has this smooth silky feel. With that said I also like oil but I'm mostly rock with acrylic. My first ever oil painting was a self portrait of myself.

In terms of claiming a particular style or genre I don't know what to tell you. What artist wants to label themselves any way? I hate labels, and I know that I automatically get casted into being in the "Black Art" role because of my skin. I think that's silly, a white person could paint the same painting I did of "S On Her Chest" and it would just be considered art. However since I'm the one who made it it's labeled "African-America Art". I think art is art no matter who created it.

Who are your influences?

I don't have so much to say "influences" as I do artist whose work I've just come to love. Growing up seeing that I wasn't really paying attention to art because I didnt feel a connection to who we saw where artist, the Piacsso's, Leonardo's and so forth I wasn't really inspired by them. I mean, I admire their work and had an appreciation for what they've done, but they seem like they were from a different world than me so I wasn't that crazy over them.

Admittedly the only artist I was checking for when I was a kid was Louisianne St. Fleurant. And that was because one day at school I decided to look up my last name and stumbled on her. I don't believe I'm related to her, I just really liked seeing someone who wasn't just black, or Haitian but having the name Fleurant. Other than that my favorite artist were from the world of comics/graphic novels.

Most would dismiss comics, and I think that's foolish. There is alot of incredible talent and detail that goes into it. One of my favorites would be Alex Ross, his work on DC's Kingdom Come is amazing! I implore you to take a deeper look at the artwork in comics, see pass the stories (which in my mind our pretty much modern day myths) and look at the remarkable beauty. Also Billy Graham (no not that one), he was a black artist who worked on comics like The Black Panther and Luke Cage. Nowadays I'm learning more about artist as I research like Rei Ramirez, Kehinde Wiley and Jean Michel Basquiat. The floodgates have open, so I feel more connected to art seeing people I can identify with doing it..

What Inspires You?

A lot things inspire me, there is no one singular source of motivation. I think when you've found something you are not only good at but enjoy anything can light a flame in you. I've been inspired by lyrics, poems, stories, current events, dreams, people in my life and so on. It's pretty much an anything goes type deal. Like when I painted Runaway, Phoenix. That was inspired by Kanye West's short movie "Runaway" and the song "Don't Look Down". Or the painting 2Roads2AmericanDreams, that was inspired by a line I heard my friend Shawn "ConsiderThis" spit countless times and for whatever reason resonated with me one day. So with that said, I guess the real question is what will inspire me next.

What's your process like, how do you choose your colors?

I'm sure my answer isn't the most impressive or climatic. The process pretty much is the idea pops in my head, I think about how I want to interpret it, sketch it and then go from there. Like when I did the Lupe Fiasco inspired "Words I Never Said". I had to ask myself how do I express the image of words escaping or when my friend Talton came up with the concept "Music Is The Sound Of Love". I had to sit there and think how I do I show that?

Now when you see my art, there's a signature style of mine in the use of colors. People often asked me why I used colors like that, and how do I choose which to use. There's no method to my madness. Basically it comes down to whatever colors are present at the moment. I know some feel like there is some kind of deepness to it and maybe subconsciously there is. Maybe it's my Haitian blood, cause when you look at a lot of Haitian artwork there is a great use of color, I'm not sure. I just like colors and how they look.

What are your goals as an artist?

Before art I never really had much of a game plan for life. I just kind of kept it moving. When I was into music, there was never a real desire to get signed and become a star. That wouldn't of work well for me anyway seeing that I'm not a fan of the spotlight. However now I do have some goals, and dreams. I want to cement the name Fleurant in the world's conciousness. I want to open doors and inspire people who are just like me, from the places I'm from and have talent in art. I want them to see someone they can connect with and hopefully motivate them to pursue it.

My friend Shawn mention to me a while ago how in black culture we explore and praise all these other aspects whether it be sports, music or spoken word but some how art get's neglected. And I'm guilty as charge with that crime. I hope to one day open my own galleries and museums showcasing artwork from your everyday "urban" (as they would say) people. Mostly I want to create a legacy for my future children and their children. I want to leave a Beach Chair.

What I mean by Beach Chair is if you ever listen to Jay-Z's song "Beach Chair" you'll hear how he's leaving a legacy for his future kids. Something they can be proud of and will secure them so they can enjoy life to the fullest. That's what I want and hope I can do with art. Prior to art, I wasn't sure I wanted kids one day, now I'm certain. And when I do, I want them to have a shinny new beach chair and a father they can be proud of.