Friday, March 25, 2011

Just being different with my art...Martin Luther King Jr & Malcom X and Khamailéōn's Infusion

I've always been left amazed at the picture of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X standing their together. Not just because they were to remarkable men, legends with the same goal in a sense but to radically different view points of acheiving them. Of course you can sort of simpliy the ideas they stod for with soundbites.

With Martin it was : "Non-violence, non-violence"

Malcolm : "By any means, necessary"

Martin Luther King Jr. On Malcom X

Malcom X on Martin Luther King Jr.

The thing that amazed me about the picture was the fact the two snapped in that moment were the only two ever taken of these men. I wonder what it would of been like to be a fly on that wall during the meeting between the two.

The other painting I did is called Khamaileon's Infusion. At the time I did it I couldn't think of a name so I asked my friends on Facebook to come up with one (truthfully I'm no good at naming these things). Melody came up with "Khamileon's Cover" and Desiree came up with "Infusion', I liked both and combined it.

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