Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Video making of: Dwayne Wade And Lebron James Takeover Painting

First off congrats to my Miami Heatles for giving The Spurs the bizness last night. Payback for when the thrashed us for 30pts, we returned the favor and smashed them for 30pts. Can you hear the haters jumping back on the bandwagon? I can.

Anyway, yesterday was my day off from work and I couldn't decide rather to go to the movies or buy more canvas to work on. I opted to buy more canvas and paint. So on this 22x28 canvas I had I started working on this painting. It's based on one of my favorite pictures from this season, a picture that will probably define The Miami Heat this year.

Dwayne Wade driving to the hole on a fast break, passes to a speeding Lebron who makes a thunderous slam. Wade doesn't even look back, he knew his pass was good and he knew Bron would throw it down. So he just looks out into the crowd with a look of "hell yeah we've arrived"! A magnificent play...I need to get this poster. Or I can just settle for my painting lol. I started this at 3pm and crazy enough ended at exactly 8pm just in time to watch The Heatles beat the number one team in the NBA The Spurs! Go Heat!

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