Sunday, March 20, 2011

Video Making of: Jason Fleurant's The Batman

Wasn't feeling well last night, still not but I wanted to finish this series if you will. While watching The Heatles win again last night I painted part 3 0f the 3 recreations... this being the 1st appearance of The Batman created by Bob Kane. Batman 1st debuted in Detective Comics issue 27 (later renamed DC Comics). Click the names to check out the Amazing Spider-Man, And Superman.

I'm pretty happy with how all three have turned out. Thought it was a cool concept and glad I finished them. Of course I've got nothing on the legends that created this iconic images and heroes that have such a huge impact on popular culture for years and years to come. In many ways these 3 are what define what comic book heroes are define as. All 3 have transcendent the pages of imagination and gone on to be some of the most recognizable brands ever. Touching everything from tv to movies and so much more.

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