Sunday, March 13, 2011

Video Of Wade V Kobe: For Glory Painting

I was flipping through photos of The Heatles vs The Lake Show game from Thursday, when my Miami Heat ended a 5 game loosing streak and the Lakers 8 game winning streak. This one photo caught my attention of Dwayne Wade (who was ballin!!!!) going toe to toe with the great and most hated Kobe Bryant.

Something about that photo was just screaming dope to me. So I just wanted to flip it. Whenever The Heat played The Lakers it was always great performances between Wade and Bryant. I started this at like 9:30pm and ended at 2am something... which btw is now technically 3am because of daylight saving time, so Spring Forward!

I chose Kanye West song "The Glory" from Graduation was because it went great with the title. It's a battle of two greats for The Glory. I forget Kanye had that line in the song where name checks Wade sayin "In 2yrs Dwayne Wayne became Dwayne Wade", nice!

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