Thursday, March 31, 2011

When One of Your Favorite Artist now OWNS One of Your Original Paintings that = Winning!

Last night at The Stage was crazy. Taalam Acey, one of my all-time favorite spoken word artist was featured last night and completely killed it. The 1st time I heard of Taalam I was on a hip hop message board back in 2007 when someone posted this video of him doing my favorite piece "Market For Nigga$".

It literally changed my whole view on how I saw the world and how blacks were marketed. Later on in my life while I was doing my stint as a rapper (yeah I did lol), I was so inspired by that piece I did a whole mixtape on that concept.

Taalam is crazy ill on the mic, he revealed to us that he writes and edits all these amazing pieces he does in his head, while performing. Thats insane! I can barely type and pay attention to what I'm typing (thank God for spell check). Taalam is so dope a poet that Stevie Wonder, let me say it again STEVIE WONDER interviewed HIM. Thats nuts, and also brings us to the point of this blog lol. I had done this oil painting in August of last year of the legendary Stevie Wonder.

Stevie is my favorite artist of all time, in fact the very last mixtape I did during my rapping stint was a tribute to him called InPlainSight: A Stevie Wonder Tribute. I had this painting hanging in my apartment since I made it, and just so happen I decided to bring it out with me to The Stage last night. And it just clicked with me that I should give it to Taalam. So long story short, I can now officially say one of my favorite paintings is now own by one of my favorite spoken world artist the renown Taalam Acey. *In Charlie Sheen voice* WINNING!


As of last night, I can not only say the incredible Taalam Acey has my painting but that the beautiful and amazing Queen Sheba also owns a Jason Fleurant original painting. She was the featured artist and Love Jones alongside Taalam Acey, and I just couldn't pass up giving her one of my works as appreciation for her a amazing talent. She straight shut it down. I gave her "Khamaileon's Infusion".

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