Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Artwork/ Update bout the Art/Poetry Tour

It's been a very strange and busy few weeks for me. Between me getting crazy sick and The Art Soul: Through Paintings And Poetry, and the library tour. The Art of Soul, and the library tours went really well. I want to thank Yanatha and Steiman Desouvre for inviting me along and giving me a chance to showcase my work. And even though I hate attention and public speaking I thank Yanatha for putting me on the spot. It was really cool to have questions asked about particular paintings and my concepts behind creating them. Here's a short video of some of the events.

On our last event in the Boynton Beach City Library, Yantha asked people to define poetry. And this woman named Anita said something that has stuck in my mind since (I told her I was stealing it) "Expressing the un-expressable". I love that phrase and am now using it as my tagline.

Other than that, I hadn't painted for a while do to the pain in my hands from when I was sick. I'm just now getting to where I can pick up a paint brush. These are 2 paintings I worked on. One I did Friday morning, and the other about 3am 2day because I couldn't sleep.

The 1st has no name. I just was exploring that style of not picking up the pencil again. This painting may be unnamed for a while because I tasked my friend Fran with naming it (yes I just put you on blast lol).

This next one was my interpretation of Sade's song "Moon And The Sky" remix featuring Jay-Z. I completely fell in love with that song's concept and wanted to create my version of it. Where you have this woman sitting on the moon in the sky holding on this man's heart who is dealing with the pressure of carrying his world and being a slave to his road, his journey. I just thought the idea was neat.

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