Monday, April 18, 2011

New Painting PeacefulChaos

Not to long ago, my friend Talton gave me a title for a painting. Whenever he does that I'm able to create something dope from it. This time the concept was "PeacefulChaos ". The original idea was to paint something reflecting me and the chaotic creativity in my mind when I paint. With what I been going through lately I decided to alter it a little bit.

Video: Making Of "PeacefulChaos"

Instead just painting a man dealing with the peace that things will be ok and the chaos of how harsh times currently are. I just wanted to try and capture the feeling that goes through many people's minds when inside they just want to scream, but part of them has faith. All the while the shell that we see is just that... a shell, because no one really knows war that's going in your mind other than yourself.

I intentionally chose Lupe Fiasco's "Beautiful Lasers" as the song playing in the video of the making of this painting because as I was thinking of this painting and thinking about life in general this song continued to play again and again in my head.

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