Saturday, May 28, 2011

Potential For Good & Evil: Paintings Series Complete #FleurantARTS

It wasn't to long ago that I had created the 2nd painting of Potential For Good & Evil (Click here for Part I/ Click here for Part 2). When I made the first one I had no intention of it becoming a series. It wasn't till I met Shawn Kaye that the seed was planted in my head. When he asked me to create what is now part 2, I unintentionally did something that he picked on right away. I made the subject older.

They went from being just babies, to being kids now curious about each other. Shawn pointed out that there was a story to be told through this and I was inspired. And now the story is complete.

Part 3 and 4 are titled Potential For Good & Evil: The Destiny & The Cycle. At this point in part 3 their now young adults and they've grown pass their curiosity stage and now have embarassed their "destiny" as the good and the bad. They've picked up their weapons and with that teenage angst are ready for war.

I think we all come to this point in life where we become who we are going to be. Where we decide what side of the road for the most part we will be playing on. Granted life sends us obstacles that could change that path but for the most part at this age you are who you are. You have a moral compass and you can choose to ignore it, bend it or follow it.

With the finale, Potential For Good & Evil: The Cycle I wanted to touch the part of when we've gotten older. At this point we have our subjects grayish haired, weapons to the background raising their child. It for me is just telling the tale that I've always heard of when you get older the wars of youth, the views of good and evil have changed. And to really demonstrate that I had them both holding babies opposite to them.

The angel holding a devil baby and vice versa. It also goes to maybe show someone that's perceived as bad could still raise something good or maybe have good in them and same in vice versa, It just goes to show that we are all 3 dimensional creatures.

In fact the one thing I want people to remember about this series is, yes it can be interpreted as 2 different creatures but it's really one person looking in the mirror. So the question is what's the reflection that you see in your mirror? At the end of the day we all have good and evil within us, and the potential to unleash which ever.

And their you have the story of this series:

The Potential For Good & Evil: The Beginning
18x24 Canvas

The Potential For Good & Evil: The Curiosity
16x20 Canvas

The Potential For Good & Evil: The Destiny
22x28 Canvas

The Potential For Good & Evil: The Cycle
22x28 Canvas
The 1st two are sold but the latest are still available.

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