Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Will "Da Real One" & "BLUEitFul" Paintings

After we recieved such a overwhelming response from the first painting of Will, a light bulb went off. So we decided that a great way for us to raise more money for his family is to raffle off a painting of Will. We're still getting together how we will be going about doing it but we'll be letting you know very soon.

This is the 16x20 on canvas painting I did of him.

Video of the making:

Also in other news, I've decided until I have my first solo art show I'm not cutting my hair. I've got to buckle down and work on rebuilding my work because I've sold/given away so many of them that I'm down to only a few. So I'm in creation mode, I've decided to not do custom work for people because it's to many times to much a hassle. However there are those certain few I'll always do custom work for. But when it comes to art, it's best I just create from the heart.

And this is my first in the rebuilding process... "BLUEitful".

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