Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last Night was Murder, Not Justice #TroyDavis

Last night at 11:08 Troy Davis was MURDERED by the state of Georgia, after The Supreme Court failed to do it's job and denied him a chance. Needless to say I still feel a type way, and the way that I feel is angry. I feel frustrated, annoyed, and unsafe as a black man in America. And even though the numbers show the outright unbalance usage of the Death Penalty on blacks, I won't go as far as to strictly make Troy Davis death a race issue. And the reason being is because when you do suddenly people become death and unable of having that conversation. But the facts are facts.

Yet in the case of Troy Davis and the case of so many others the facts obviously don't matter.

Fact:  the bullets for the so-called weapon used didn't match.

Fact: Sylvester Coles (who was not only a suspect for a quick second bout became the 9th witness) admitted to several people while drunk that he was the killer and even threaten the life of one the witnesses.

Fact: 7 out of 9 witnesses recanted stating that they were basically forced by the police to say Troy did it (keep in mind out of the 9, 1 of the witnesses was Sylvestor Coles).

Fact 3 of the Jurors after learning about the gun (1 of which is pro the death penalty) said had they known they would of voted otherwise. But like I said, facts don't matter.

Fact former Death Penalty Wardens (including the former Warden of The Georgia prison) wrote letters saying the "execution" shouldn't happen because there was TOO MUCH DOUBT.

Troy Davis murder was about the so-called Justice System's pride. It was a case of no one wanting to admit they were wrong and about to murder a innocent man. Make no mistake justice was not served last night. The dish that was feed to America was murder, point blank period. And I for one an disgusted to the core about that.
I want to send this painting I did to Troy Davis family so any one with information so I can do so please hit me up. Thank you.

When I say I am Troy Davis, I really mean it. As many times as I've been threaten, beaten, mistreated by police/sheriff's in my own city I can't help but think to myself how easily I could be in Troy's shoes. As many times I've been hit with the "Mistaken Identity" its safe to say I'm tickering that very thin line where one day the system that's suppose to protect and aid me will be used against me. And the thing is, I will be innocent when it occurs, but guilty of being black.

But my real beef, my real issue is in a country that prides it's self on being a beacon for the world practices such a savage act. Murder is murder, and Capitol Punishment is murder. Even the KKK man that killed James Byrd   murder by Capitol Punishment makes me cringe. Why do we offer the sweet escape of death? Who are you to wield the power of who lives and dies? Do we not believe in rehabilitation? Why is it ok for Troy Davis to be murdered when their was so much doubt but Charles Manson still lives?

The Death Penalty is a cruel, sadistic joke. If the Wardens, elected officials, supreme court judges (looking at you Clarence Thomas) truly believe this is right then they should be the ones in the room injected people with death. But know it's easy to live with yourself from the comfort of behind your desk, correct?

Maybe it's just me, maybe I've bumped my head or am to emotional about the subject of Murder By Jury, I mean the Death Penalty to see things clearly. I don't know...nah you know what in my Kendrick Lamar voice "Fuck Dot!". No one has the right to play God, especially when there is a ridiculous level of chance that person may be innocent. Like I said earlier, justice was not served last night, murder was. The barbaric act of the Death Penalty must go. I'm not even going to edit this so I apologize for misspelling or any other errors.

Petition To Abolish The Death Penalty
Amnesty USA

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