Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Behind the "InMyOwnWords" Mixtape Cover/Painting

I was honored when my friend B-Kay asked me to do painting for his mixtape's cover art. The title of his project was "In My Own Words". And as he diligently worked on completing it, he was very patient as I had many other things I was working on, like the Paint The Throne art showcase.

Finally, we got the time to make something happen. He gave me a idea about having a child on the moon looking down on the Earth, and while flipping through my phone I remembered this picture of my youngest nephew, Tubby sitting on the floor watching TV.

Something about that image, with the way his hand was on his mouth and his eyes fixed spoke to me. Using that and B's concept, we I created "InMyOwnWords". The idea to me for having the headphones around the world connected to this baby's mic as he sat on the moon was to show how we all have something to say. And how it's not always something of the norm, sometimes our feelings, inspiration come from some where out of this world. I gave the child wings to add the innocence to him.

B-Kay's "In My Own Words" mixtape

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