Tuesday, November 15, 2011

JaFleu "Mission Statement/Bio"

Every artist is suppose to have a "Mission Statement/Bio" so I rewrote mine own.

My name is Jason Fleurant from West Palm Beach, Florida. However the artist, JaFleu is who I am. Born January 12, 2010 after witnessing the devastation in my homeland of Haiti after the earthquakes something was triggered in me. Inspired and hurt by the images flooding the TV scream, feeling powerless to help I did something I hadn't done since Freshman year of high school. I started drawing.

It started off as me just sketching the daily images I saw on copy paper at work. Then it moved to me getting art pencils, to cheap water color, to cheap paint. After being told by a friend to try my hand at putting the work on Canvas, I never looked back. Art began to take a life of it's own, and began to be my therapy. Every brush stroke revealing and relieving any and every emotion I had locked up for years. I became my art and my art became me.

What I hope my artwork always reflects is the idea that rules do not matter in art. That you don't have to be confine to the idea that you can only paint this way or do this thing. I've never been formally train, everything I've learned has been by trail and error. I hope my art work always reminds people out of tragedy and darkness beauty can shine, kind of like the rose that grew from the concrete. I hope it shines as a beacon to others my age and younger, from where I'm from that there is more to life and that art isn't a joke as we were unfortunately trained by society to believe, but a way to reach pass where you currently are.

Art to me, means a way to escape. It means being able to as I once heard from a woman name Anita "express the un-expressable". It means that I have a way to become Neo in my own matrix and bend reality. Art also to me means a weapon that I could use to speak up and out about issues and really have an impact. I've always heard that "Words have the power of life and death" and that "pictures or worth a thousand words", so imagine the power of creating a painting.

I'm a artist. I believe in the power of art, and the right of every man, woman and child to create. I believe God gives us all talents and puts us on the path to make something out of it, and we have the option to decide rather to follow or not. I've found my path, and I hope to create art that will be thought provoking, inspiring, beautiful as well as therapeutic to my own soul. Yet when it is all said and done. My main hope, is to leave a "Beach Chair", a legacy for my un-born children, nieces and nephews. I want to leave them something they can be proud of, and hopefully it will make life easier for them.

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