Monday, November 28, 2011

Rogue's Smile

I love art. When of my favorite things about being a artist is being able to create something with my own hands, and being able to show the someone something through my own interpretation. And with "Rogue's Smile", I was on a mission to try and show her, her through my eyes. I try to capture her beauty the best I could, her innocence, her smile, her wild, just the things that make her...her. I personally feel I did her no justice, but her response was priceless.

There's some thing about creating, for the sake of creating art that trumps being "commissioned" to do work for me. I look at this painting and I really have no clue how I was able to capture it how I did or use the colors the way they came out. I maybe getting a little bit of a hang with this art thing. The painting was done with oils, which I'm absolutely in love with using. And I feel it really brought this to life. Before folks start going crazy with "request" for custom portraits, please keep in mind I hate doing custom work..but I love being inspired. And I was mused to do this, it was something I was asked to do but something I was compelled to do for her. Because pictures are worth 1,000 words, so I spoke them with a painting.

And man, her reaction....priceless. Every artist needs a Mona Lisa I guess.
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