Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 The Year of W!

Where do I even begin, 2011 what an incredible year for myself as an artist. This time last year, I could be in a room and no one knew who I was. I could just play the shadow as I did years before, slip in and out and not be concern about to many even acknowledging me. Yet right now, I can't even go out without at least getting a W! one time... and it's beautiful.

There is a saying that you can "speak things into existence" and at some point this year became a testament to that. I owe the credit to so many people. I'm honored by everyone who has been in my life and helped me on this journey of discovery. It's been a roller-coaster ride that hasn't come down.

It started when Yanatha hooked up the opportunity for me to display my artwork at Lynn University's  Celebration Of Life, to him pimping me (sort of speak lol) and letting me be apart of the Poetry/Art tour he put together in April. This literally happen, the day I lost my job of 9 years and realize I was going to end up loosing my apartment. The chance to be apart of this made me realize that my artwork could be important and that people generally really felt a connection to it when he forced me to get up and speak about the paintings and myself.

In that same month, I got to give a man who inspired me and is one of my poetic heroes Taalam Acey and the ever so amazing Queen Sheba paintings by me. At this point I'm thinking it gets no better this is the highlight of my life right here. Only to have months later Acey ask me to be apart of his latest project (Modern Aestheticism) by submitting two painting that he would create spoken word pieces around.

The W's kept rolling from there on. From doing my first ever live painting/feature at The Stage. Being in my first ever group art show (Journey of a Thousand Destinations), linking up with Dsmooth and Crucial's "ConflictRhymes" and making our own art show "ArtOfficiallyDope". To putting together the first ever art  showing "Paint The Throne", with the help of some incredible friends ( and being able to say Murs, Blueprint, Mark McCrazy, Preston Lowe, Ben Prestage/ Reks and many more have paintings by me. To even getting my first interview via Kreyolicious,com.

Playing a part in giving back to my community with art has been one of the best parts of this year. I want to thank the ladies of LCS Productions for that chance. I'm honored to have touch hearts and use my art to pay respect to the legend Will Da Real One (R.I.P). The greatest feeling may have been be able to put on our own art shows, and giving artist a chance to shine. It was only yesterday I was begging to get in the door, and now I'm holding a key.

I'm honored for all the friends and connections I've made this year. I can't even begin to list names or all the things that has happen this year. All I know is 2012 is going to beautiful, and thank you all for 2011. You say that I'm humble, I say it's because you all keep me grounded as you help me touch the sky. Thank you.

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  1. Jason Fleurant: Keep it going and inspire others through who you are and your art work