Sunday, February 19, 2012

President Obama #Painting

 President Obama

As you may know I've been gearing up to do an art exhibit in march based off emotions, concepts, lines I get while listening to Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". Recently, while listening to "Power" the line "the abomination of Obama's nation" struck me so I decided to paint President Obama. I went to my 'abstract-ish' style using contour-ling where when drawing I don't pick up the pencil.

I decided that I would expand on my solo show's concept a bit. I think instead of just listening to MBDTF I'll probably include all of Kanye's albums to date. Ranging from the Freshmen Adjustment series to Watch The Throne. I dunno, we shall see.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Painting... Lost: My Father's Eyes

 My father suffer's from Alzheimer's. And some times when you look him in the eyes you seem familiarity, lost, confusion or fury. Usually at any given moment. I've just been thinking a lot about that and ended up painting this.  

This is a poem I wrote a year ago:

My Father’s Eyes Never Told Me No Lies

My father’s eyes never told me no lies
My father’s eyes never told me no lies

When I was a child
And he held me in his arms
After a long day
He didn’t sing me no song
He didn’t tap dance round the issue
Always gave it to me straight
Looked me in the eyes
And told me to my face
“Son one day you’ll be great”
And I could tell he spoke truth
As I gazed into the window of his soul
So to the world I will offer proof
In honor of what he foretold

My father’s eyes never told me no lies
My father’s eyes never told me no lies

As I grew older
And I would seek his advice
His wisdom he bestow
He said “My son, even the strongest men cry”
Taught me humility
And I remember well the day
The first time I seen him shed tears
Over bills that must be paid

My father’s eyes never told me no lies
My father’s eyes never told me no lies

He never uttered the words
“Son, it’ll be ok”
All I had to do
Was look in his face
Pay attention to his actions
Even when we were all stressin’
And the injuries and old age
Started to outlast him
Still to me he was superman
Even when layin in a hospital bed
Cause his eyes said
It was only a temporary setback

But that day my father’s eyes told me a lie
My father’s eyes told me a lie
And I wasn’t prepared for it
Yes it took my by surprise

And now a days, I hardly recognize my father’s eyes
Starring, I'm seeing they don’t recognize me either
But at times glimmers shine
And I can still believe
Tho for the most part he’s gone
Lost in his own journey

The lessons learned from my father’s eyes
The lessons to be strong, have faith, be romantic, and wise
The lessons on how to be a man
Still now survive
Cause now they lay, transferred into mine
So now my eyes , never tell no lies
One of my favorite Eric Clapton song's "My Father's Eyes"  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Painting: Nigga Bluez

Nigga Bluez


Friday, February 3, 2012

New Artwork 2012

I decided to recreate some of my old paintings, I guess 1) to see how far of come and changed style wise as a artist, 2) because I like them, and 3) IDK just because. And there are a few that are just new. All of these are the first paintings by me of 2012. January was an exciting Month, a great way to start 2012. I was able to go to the Art Palm Beach Art Fair, had a art show alongside Daniel Fortune and Uncorked Poetry, found this cool gallery down on Clematis St where I got to see some Basquiat's and got put on to Purvis Young. And finally, it ends with getting reached out to by the estate of the late great Nina Simone about some art work I did of her. 2012 is starting remarkable, lets see what we can do for Feb.

Music Is The Sound Of Love Deux

Behind Every Great Man, Is A Even Greater/Stronger Woman

Devil In A New Dress

Still Lifting Haiti 

Naked Poetry

Use Somebody

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