Friday, March 30, 2012

My nephew Simba inspired "#IAMTrayvon" Painting/Video #JusticeForTrayvon

My sister was on the phone and was catching up on the Trayvon Martin case via the net. She mention to me that I hadn't done any paintings about it. Which I quickly showed her otherwise. She then proceed to mention how my 2yr Old nephew is always wearing a hoodie (which is true) and how much he loves it. And the fact that she would always wear one, and she thought about taking a picture. I told her not only should we take your pictures, but I will do a painting of Simba in it.

And several pictures later, I came across the one I love the most. And so "Simba 'IAmTrayvon'"

I made a time-lapse video to go with it. Using the Jay-Z/Kanye West song "Murder to Excellence" from "Watch The Throne"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meeting @Skyzoo: Another Milestone In My Art Career

It's crazy sometimes to think I've been painting for only two years and to see some of the things I've achieved.  And thanks to being part of the ConflictRhymes team & rocking with Golden Underground a lot has happen. March 24th, we celebrated the year anniversary of ConflictRhymes in a packed house at Propaganda. The show was live! And Skyzoo took it to crazy levels.

I remember at sound check, I quickly dropped some of the artwork I was gonna hang in the building off, and zoomed out the door to park my car cause I didn't want to interrupt. I came back in the middle of sound check, b-line str8 to the back, listening to one of the dopest MC's spitting. I'm hyped as I put up the artwork cause in the back of my mind I already know, I've got this painting hidden that would be a surprise gift for him.

Then SkyZoo introduces himself to me, let me reiterate this. This acclaimed lyrical genius from BK went out of his way to introduce himself to me and tell me he appreciated my artwork. We chopped it up a bit, telling me about his love for art and how he's eying this Jay-Z painting I had hanging.

Now my mind is already blown that he's digging the work, but he proceeds to shock me by asking how much for it. The Jay piece was part of a set that was up of Biggie/Jay/NaS called Kings of NY. So I told him, whatever offer you make it's yours as long as you perform 'Written In The Drums'. Sky busts out laughing and says "that wasn't even in the set but bet we gonna do it" and sure enough, after straight killing his set. Sky turns to asks the crowd "Do ya'll want one more? Can I do one more?", looks over to to DJ Prince says "Yo what should we do?"... pauses as varies cats in the crowds shout their suggestions. Then turns, looks towards me, points with his fist...nods...and OJ (and absolute BEAST!!! on the trumpet) stares blaring the opening lines of "Written In The Drums". My level of excitement went through the roof!

After Sky performance, I quickly took to the stage holding in my hand a large canvas. I tap Sky and told him "Hol' up, don't go no where". I was extra excited about what I was about to do because while Sky and I was talking during the sound check. He mention how all his artwork in his home were '1 of 1s' and commissioned work of all of his heroes. That just let me know how much he was going to appreciate this piece I was going to present him. And sure enough when I gave him the custom painting I did of him Sky's eye lid up, and you could see he was honored by it. He took to the mic and completely humbled me with the praise he dished out. He immediately took to twitter and showed love tweeting the pic of the painting.

I'm just honored that one of the dopest MC's breathing know owns 4 pieces of original art by me. And trust me, I can't even begin to tell ya'll how inspired I was talking to him afterwards. Skyzoo is the Truth! Peace brother!

And if you haven't already make sure you get "The Great Debater"!!!! I skip no tracks, true story!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trayvon Martin Inspired Art...some thoughts #JusticeForTrayvon

On another note, unless you've been living under a rock you must know about the travesty that occured to young Trayvon Martin. And if you happen to follow me on twitter (@JafleuTheArtist....shameless plug) you know I've definitely time and time again shared my displeasure with that scenario

As an artist it was only right to use my gifts to express how I feel about the situation or help bring light. So I did these to pieces one of Trayvon Martin and the other called "Hoodie Pains". Trayvon's murder is simply a modern day lynching in every sense of the word. The fact that George Zimmerman has not been charge is a disgrace. The very law makers that created the "Stand Your Ground" law...which I call "The GUNshine State Act" have gone out there way to say that the law doesn't apply here.

Everything from the mishandling by the police departments, the 911 calls, the fact the Skittles is banking crazy money and getting ton of free promo to all the racist flooding the scenes, to Newt Genrich twisting President Obama's statement "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon" to make him seem racist to fit his own political agenda, to Geraldo, to anything else you can add is disgusting me.

The horrible thing is as much (AND BELIEVE ME HE IS GREATLY TO BLAME) as George Zimmerman is to blame for young Trayvon's death, I can't help but see how our own people added to it. I'll share with you some tweets I had wrote:

I don't believe in the death penalty, I don't believe an eye for an eye is justice. I do know our system is corrupted. but I believe true justice is not murder. if we were to kill or sentence Zimmerman to death it makes us no better than him 

and on some real shit tho. if Zimmerman vigilante acts are acceptable because of the #standyourgroundlaw what's to stop someone from running around dress like Batman? 

the sad thing everyone seems to ignore is while Zimmerman is a racist that murdered #trayvonmartin. tray's death was spawn from a larger ripple effect of young black men resorting to this "Hood life ". think about it. there was a rash of burglaries by black men which prompt this racist feeling he had the right to take the law into his own hands when he saw a young black boy. so in a sense those young blacks that did the robberies have trayvon blood on there hands . We have got to do better, were killing ourselves 

RIP Trayvon Martin, God Bless his family. We've got to do better, we can't let this murder go without having justice and we can't keep letting this happen!

Samuel L. Jackson - Blame

"Forever Young" Painting

A couple of days ago I saw a post by my friend Delaleu (who happens to be an amazing artist/poet) where she posted this beautiful photo of this boy. I instantly wanted to recreate it, but with my own spin of course.

 While painting it, I had Pandora playing. It was at the critical part where I was trying to decide rather I would keep the flower or try something different. The song "Forever Young" by Jay-Z came on and that's when I decided to make him hold the world and title it such.

I have to be honest, in the midst of making this peace I was pretty sick (not sick as in being dope, but sick as in 'cough cough'). The were literally moments while painting this I blacked out here and there. But the final piece came together very well. This was my first oil piece since I took a brief switch up to acrylics. Of course still rocking with SOHO Urban Paint. I'm just saying it works for me. 22x28 Canvas Oil Paint