Friday, March 30, 2012

My nephew Simba inspired "#IAMTrayvon" Painting/Video #JusticeForTrayvon

My sister was on the phone and was catching up on the Trayvon Martin case via the net. She mention to me that I hadn't done any paintings about it. Which I quickly showed her otherwise. She then proceed to mention how my 2yr Old nephew is always wearing a hoodie (which is true) and how much he loves it. And the fact that she would always wear one, and she thought about taking a picture. I told her not only should we take your pictures, but I will do a painting of Simba in it.

And several pictures later, I came across the one I love the most. And so "Simba 'IAmTrayvon'"

I made a time-lapse video to go with it. Using the Jay-Z/Kanye West song "Murder to Excellence" from "Watch The Throne"

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