Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lauryn Hill x Amy Winehouse "The Sweetest Tears Dry On Their Own" #Painting

So this is the final piece for the "CounterArts" (yeah I dropped the P, like Diddy bih!). I chose to counter Amy with Ms. Hill because of the impact these two both had with album on the genre...and how crazy they went after. Everywhere you went you couldn't escape The Miseducation nor Back To Black. These two rejuvenated music when they came out and created a lane for other artist to follow. I don't know if we get Adele if Amy hadn't come through and crush the building. They both dropped amazing albums and touched lives with their music, Unfortunately for both things got...cray. While Ms. Hill seems back on track sorta, we lost Amy.

Oil Paint

Lauryn Hill

Amy Winehouse

Friday, April 27, 2012

Nas x Bob Dylan "When I Flow 4 Da Streets" #Painting #Hiphop #Art

This is the second to the last piece for the still untitled series. You know what I think I will just call it "CounterParts". Anyway, I decided to pair these to legendary lyricist together because...well they are two legendary lyricist. Both are considered the greatest writers in their respective genres, and music in general. They are true street poets. Never scared to speak on controversial social issues, or to dig deep. They create some of the most thought provoking, awe inspiring music. There is just a certain mystic that flows when speaking of the two.

Bob Dylan



Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mick Jagger x Jay-Z "I Invented Swag" #Painting

Another part about the 'untitled' series I was doing.

"ImagineThug" 2Pac x John Lennon


 I was going to do a few more but I think I'm just going to do two more for it.
The reason I choose Mick Jagger for Jay-Z was when talking to DSmooth he mention a comparison of Jay with someone else. In it mention swagger, and it hit me in the head. When you think Rocker Swag who better than Mick Jagger. Jay who not only boast "I invented swag" often said in interviews he wants to be around like how The Rolling Stones are in Rock music. It just fit with me.

The Rolling Stones



"UpInSmoke" #Painting #Art

While chilling on Flagler in my car I decided to smoke a cigar I had on me. I don't normally smoke. I only do it when I'm extremely stressed, and I won't smoke cigarettes only a cigar. Makes me feel like a Boss!!! So as I'm smoking it, looking at the view of the bridge thinking to myself I decided to take a picture. The picture I happen to snap on my cell was so dope I decided I had to paint it.

SN: While I was smoking a police officer pulled up next to my car which was parked. Because he saw the smoke flowing out my window. I'm guessing he assumed or someone assumed and asked him to come over to see if I was smoking weed. He walks up to my driver side window, not to close. Sniffs the air, pauses and says "Oh ok" and rolls out. Not every young nigga is out here smoking weed....not that I haven't don't...I'm no angel *insert legalize it stance here" In fact I think I've smoke more weed since becoming a 'artist' than I have before.

But that's beside the point of this post. So as I was in the crib I said I'm going in. I painted over this painting I wasn't to crazy about that was on a 16x20 wooden canvas. And whoa-lah.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

"The War" #Painting

Since I scraped that painting from the another. I was staring at the undone painting said "fuck this" and just went Ham with the oil paint. I feel like this how my mind is right now. A war of thoughts clashing, a the color those thoughts. "THE WAR". This will be only time I make a painting like least I don't intend to



Thursday, April 5, 2012

"NotouriousLife" Biggie x Frank Sinatra #Painting

Continuing the series I started with "ImagineThug" 2Pac X John Lennon, here's a new piece I did earlier today of Frank Sinatra and Biggie. Both rightly considered the Kings of NY, legends with hits and an undeniable respect and stature in what they do.


Frank Sinatra


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"ImagineThug" 2Pac x John Lennon #Painting

So as I announced a day or so ago on twitter I decided to work on the series for an solo exhibit I want to do in the summer. The series will be of a couple of Hip Hop artist, and their "Pop" (For a lack of better words) counter-parts. I had gotten a lot of great ideas from people of who should go with who. I personally have always felt that 2Pac was more of our generation or Hip Hop's John Lennon.


Both known for being controversial, making timeless soul touching music. And passing rather tragically. I don't intend to show all of the pieces until the exhibit, I mean that would defeat the point I guess. But I had to show something. This piece may still see a few changes here and there dunno yet. As for the date of the exhibit...I still don't know. Stay tuned.

John Lennon