Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lauryn Hill x Amy Winehouse "The Sweetest Tears Dry On Their Own" #Painting

So this is the final piece for the "CounterArts" (yeah I dropped the P, like Diddy bih!). I chose to counter Amy with Ms. Hill because of the impact these two both had with album on the genre...and how crazy they went after. Everywhere you went you couldn't escape The Miseducation nor Back To Black. These two rejuvenated music when they came out and created a lane for other artist to follow. I don't know if we get Adele if Amy hadn't come through and crush the building. They both dropped amazing albums and touched lives with their music, Unfortunately for both things got...cray. While Ms. Hill seems back on track sorta, we lost Amy.

Oil Paint

Lauryn Hill

Amy Winehouse

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