Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"UpInSmoke" #Painting #Art

While chilling on Flagler in my car I decided to smoke a cigar I had on me. I don't normally smoke. I only do it when I'm extremely stressed, and I won't smoke cigarettes only a cigar. Makes me feel like a Boss!!! So as I'm smoking it, looking at the view of the bridge thinking to myself I decided to take a picture. The picture I happen to snap on my cell was so dope I decided I had to paint it.

SN: While I was smoking a police officer pulled up next to my car which was parked. Because he saw the smoke flowing out my window. I'm guessing he assumed or someone assumed and asked him to come over to see if I was smoking weed. He walks up to my driver side window, not to close. Sniffs the air, pauses and says "Oh ok" and rolls out. Not every young nigga is out here smoking weed....not that I haven't don't...I'm no angel *insert legalize it stance here" In fact I think I've smoke more weed since becoming a 'artist' than I have before.

But that's beside the point of this post. So as I was in the crib I said I'm going in. I painted over this painting I wasn't to crazy about that was on a 16x20 wooden canvas. And whoa-lah.