Friday, June 22, 2012

An Inspiring Week from Times Square to Speaking to Kids

This week has got to of been one of the most proudest weeks in my life. Who of thought two years ago my name for a moment in time would be in lights in Times Square or that I would be in a classroom of eager young artists inspiring them.

My homie Asif invited me to speak to the kids at Palm Beach State College summer art class program. Those kids are amazing and intelligent. Great questions, this one kid walk up to me asking if I could sign one of HIS pieces of art. I was so flattered and told him I couldn't because that's his work. A girl no older than 11 asked me for my website so she could tell her parents she met someone famous, I was like I'm not famous lol another kid busted out well ur still a celebrity even if locally. These kids were to cool. There trying to work it were I came book a few more times to talk to other kids. Crazy dope experience, shout out 2 Asif aka Bruno Mars lol

And of course there was Monday. While I was at work in West Palm Beach, Fl for a moment in time my painting "You Don't Know My Name" along with my name shine of the screen in Times Square, NYC! I am still humbled by the experience and know there was literally no way that didn't happen without all the support. Thank you all

I'm still searching for more pics/video of this

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