Monday, June 4, 2012

Story behind "Lost My Queen 2 Da Clouds" #Painting #Art inspired by @KanyeWest #MyBeautifulDarkTwistedFantasy #MBDTF

So I've been slowly working on pieces for this "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" inspired solo exhibit. And this is one of the latest pieces to be born from my constant listening of the Kanye West album. I was dealing with a issue that kind of gave me painters block.

Well not really painters block, cause I was creating it. Yet I kept repainting over the painting because I felt like I couldn't translate what I was feeling. While listening to "Lost In The World" and "Runaway" (specifically the breakdown), I thought of the 'Phoenix, chilling in the clouds far away from her love. Just sort of lost.

To pay a little homage to Basquiat, I used his crown over her head to symbolize that she isn't just some ordinary woman. She was/is someone's queen, someone that person who lost her loved dearly. I think everyone in life goes through these stages in their relationships where miscommunication can cause distance, or one or the other feels the need to just break free. Just be alone, in the clouds. I think this is my interpretation of this moment.

At first I hated this piece, the only thing that kept me from painting over it was people liked it. So I wanted to see what they liked in it for myself. I walked away from it for a day or two. After a visit to the Norton Museum of Art with my sis In'Jah, I felt re-inspired and  decided to give it a little more color. To me that was what was missing.

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