Thursday, June 25, 2015

Livin' The Rhythm Painting / Left Handed Drawing / Commissions

Last week was the 5 year anniversary of "Livin the Rhythm" drum circle that's held at Harold's coffee shop here in Northwood. While kicking it, I dove into my sketch book and drew a study of my point of view there. And later decided to turn it into an painting using the "impressionist" style.

Title: Livin' the Rhythm
Size: 11inch x 20inch
Medium: Oil on Canvas

Going Left

Lately I've been testing out just drawing using my left hand. I'm a righty so it's been an interesting task but so far so good. Kinda cool to know that skill isn't limited to one. Look forward to trying to paint with my left.

The Commission

Lastly, "Sistah's of Revolution" finally heads home. And Mama Djenaba couldn't be happier.
She commission an painting that would involve Nina Simone, Angela Davis and Winnie Mandela and trusted my vision. To own your on commission painting email:

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Re-imagining "La Grande Odalisque" into "Midnight Musing"

One of my goals is to fill the sketchbook Visualist gave up with studies for paintings I'll be creating. The other night, I got hit with some "inspiration". I flipped to a image in the Art history book my  former English teacher Ms. Brown recently gave me. There was a photo I recalled seeing before and really loved. It was an picture of artist Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres painting "La Grande Odalisque"

  1. Created1814
  2. MediaOil paint

I think what drew me to it was the elongated form reminiscent in ways to how I now paint. To me, represented the embodiment of his muse. I dug that and instantly started sketching an idea of my own muse in a similar pose. From there I decided I wanted to sketch how I would paint my muse in this setting using my current style. 

 For the record yeah this was 1:23am I was cooking that art! 

 Shout-out to Abasi for this frame!

But when it got to actually painting it, I wanted to take it somewhere else. At one point I had something I considered to be like "Impressionism". Impressionism is all about the brush strokes and layers of paint giving you the form. I think it's more feeling than it is technique. Like if Pollacks drips made an subject instead of explosions. Probably not explaining it right. 

Title: Midnight Musing 
Size: 16in x 20in
Medium: Oil on canvas

Saturday, June 13, 2015

From "Study" to "Painting" : Rock-A-Bye Empress

Not to long ago I did an sketch of Empress Prestige when she fell asleep on the couch [Click Here for that blog]

. I had just wanted to see if I could draw someone live still. And so it turned out ok. Then after thinking awhile I decided to take it the next logical step. And thus I re-imagined the drawing into my latest painting "Rock-A-Bye Empress".

Title: Rock-A-Bye Empress
Size: 11in x 30in
Medium: Oil on canvas

Friday, June 12, 2015

Behind The Art: Dancing in the Hand of Duality

"Dancing in the Hand of Duality" is an re-imaging of an earlier painting I created in 2013 called "And So She Dances... Stripperina".

 I painted that originally because I wanted to toy with the idea of a
stripper in a dream like state thinking of a life where she danced  but not as a stripper. This was during a time where I was using only shades of purple. I guess we'd call that the "Purple Haze" phase.

Every now and then I recreate one of my older pieces to see how far I've come artistically. Thus birthed "Dancing in the Hand of Duality". With this piece I wanted to tell the story yet slightly different. This time, adding God's hand holding life's stage. To play on the them of all the world being a stage, and that you can choose which role you'd want to play.

The painting took some time, but I really wanted it to be something of a statement piece. And being that I paint outside getting energy from the peeps of Pleasant City, I knew there was a lot of
anticipation. Especially coming off making "Graduated With Hiii Honors". I know for a fact that the blooming plant next to my easel played a role on how the colors flowed.

                                       Title: Graduated With Hiii Honors
                                                                    Size: 60in x 48in
                                                              Medium: Oil on canvas
                                                                        Inquire: Sold

Making of: 

Corny as it sounds, working outside makes me feel like I'm in Paris. 

 Leon is a #PleasantCity resident and good friend who I kick it with a Blum Park. He's been the subject of a few of my #paintings. Every night when I'm painting he always shows up at the end and we talk art, politics and sci-fi. I appreciate his energy, in the painting "Graduated with Hiii Honors" it was Leon's suggestion that got me to paint the purple carpet and us talking about skittles and cotton candy that caused me to paint the trees. #Lot23 #Treal

Title: Dancing in the Hand of Duality
Size: 48in x 60in
Medium: Oil on gallery stretch canvas

Thursday, June 11, 2015

#TBT: Rest of 2012

If you pay attention to my blog posts you may of notice after Sept 2012 there is a huge gap to me suddenly re-posting 2015. While a lot has happen since, I figured I'd use it being "Throwback Thursdays" to fill in some gaps with some career highlights. So we'll start with the rest of 2012.


Artist Wanted: Art Takes Times Square

Last thing I believe I posted about was being one of the artist who was chosen for "Art Takes Times Square". Where Artist Wanted (now known as See.Me) took digital billboards and display artist works that won an online competition in Times Square. I remember working at Bed Bath & Beyond the day of the online broadcast and so didn't get to see it. But wasn't too long afterwards when these two photos appear.

Interviewed on X102.3 | Met Kendrick Lamar

"After meeting Kendrick Lamar (S/o to DJ Menace for hooking that up so Asif could give KDot a painting) , Poet who fell in love with my piece "Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown" decided to interview me on air about being a artist / art. One of the greatest moments of my life"

Another thing to note is that that Obama painting (which I had did maybe two nights prior) was one of the first in the new style I began to use. We met Kendrick right before GKMC took off. Real cool dude.

ArtOfficiallyDope "We CAN Together"

If you recall back then alongside my homie Daniel Fortune, we had an urban art group showcase called "ArtOfficiallyDope". One of the last shows we did was a can drive for Ipromote Peace to feed the homeless. It was a great time, these are times I was realizing I enjoy curating.