Friday, June 12, 2015

Behind The Art: Dancing in the Hand of Duality

"Dancing in the Hand of Duality" is an re-imaging of an earlier painting I created in 2013 called "And So She Dances... Stripperina".

 I painted that originally because I wanted to toy with the idea of a
stripper in a dream like state thinking of a life where she danced  but not as a stripper. This was during a time where I was using only shades of purple. I guess we'd call that the "Purple Haze" phase.

Every now and then I recreate one of my older pieces to see how far I've come artistically. Thus birthed "Dancing in the Hand of Duality". With this piece I wanted to tell the story yet slightly different. This time, adding God's hand holding life's stage. To play on the them of all the world being a stage, and that you can choose which role you'd want to play.

The painting took some time, but I really wanted it to be something of a statement piece. And being that I paint outside getting energy from the peeps of Pleasant City, I knew there was a lot of
anticipation. Especially coming off making "Graduated With Hiii Honors". I know for a fact that the blooming plant next to my easel played a role on how the colors flowed.

                                       Title: Graduated With Hiii Honors
                                                                    Size: 60in x 48in
                                                              Medium: Oil on canvas
                                                                        Inquire: Sold

Making of: 

Corny as it sounds, working outside makes me feel like I'm in Paris. 

 Leon is a #PleasantCity resident and good friend who I kick it with a Blum Park. He's been the subject of a few of my #paintings. Every night when I'm painting he always shows up at the end and we talk art, politics and sci-fi. I appreciate his energy, in the painting "Graduated with Hiii Honors" it was Leon's suggestion that got me to paint the purple carpet and us talking about skittles and cotton candy that caused me to paint the trees. #Lot23 #Treal

Title: Dancing in the Hand of Duality
Size: 48in x 60in
Medium: Oil on gallery stretch canvas

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