Monday, June 1, 2015

Behind the Art: For my Negus with Daugthers

 I had been listening to Nas album “Life is Good”. For some reason that day I had gotten stuck on the song “Daughters”. The hook originally goes “I call it... for my niggas with daughters”. The song was Nas telling the struggle he deals with as a father raising his daughter. Later that day, a friend of mine and his daughter happen to come by. His name happens to also be Naz. Seeing he and his daughter's interactions got me thinking about all the black fathers I knew, men like my brothers and cousins. Black men who love their daughters, and daily do what that can to keep them flying because they are the most precious thing on this earth. The world presents an image of black men not being there and that get's feed into our community adding to the cycle. As an artist, my job is to speak truth and uplift mines. So I chose to use the biggest canvas I had to make a statement. Almost a billboard testifying to the joy of fatherhood, an ode to the black men that soar because of their daughters … a little something for my Negus with daughters. 

The Sketch

 Originally I drew the daughter's eyes open but felt it showed more "love" and "joy" when I made them closed. Playing more on the sense of security.


Life Is Good

Painting Faces:


For my Negus with Daughters
60in x 72in
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

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Placing the painting outside for during the house party is funny because I soon after started to only paint outside.

The official debut of "For my Negus with Daughters" during the group pop up exhibit I created called "Exhibit Treal" in the Lot23 Studios during Art Palm Beach/ Art X/ Art & Wine. 


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