Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Behind the Art: Oshun... Orisha of Love painting

Oshun would be considered the goddess of love to put it in the most simplest terms. (Click Here To Learn More)  I have been learning more about religions and spirituality, mostly pertaining to black people. After a random conversation with my friend Abasi, where I asked if he thought ants had souls. We got into a discussion about bees, bees being one of Oshun's representation an idea to create something in dedication to her hit me. Oshun is Queen Bee! 

Because Oshun's beauty is such a large part of her, I wanted to make her as gorgeous as possible so I used features I loved about women I dated to create her face. Oshun's number is 5, so I made sure to have that play out in various parts as well as have her colors heavily incorporated. 

The homie Channie taking selfies

It was important for me to paint her skin black. She is a black god and I wanted to painted to give senses of royalty, strength, elegance.... something women would adore and be inspired by and for men would dream of. To me, this is maybe my Mona Lisa. I dream of the day she'll grace the walls of The MoMa.  


Some may say Oshun let her presence be known because not even 24hrs after she was completed the most epic jam session between Abasi & Empress happen. It was almost like a welcoming of her into our lives.Crazy! djembe's everywhere!!! 

Not quite the MoMa but check out her debut during the pop-up exhibit I curated early this year called "Exhibit Treal" Ladies love Oshun


Empress Presitge & B DaQueen

Peep how dope these two are on the mic btw here's somes vids.

Empress 1:04 mark 

Da Queen

                                               J Love showing love!!! One  of my favorite ArtHive bees and artists :)

"Oshun: Orisha of Love"
60 in x 72in 
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Inquires contact: art@gallery38.com 

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