Friday, June 5, 2015

Drawing Studies x #IVOAT continued... x Art Class x JaFleu in Hollywood Sunday!

 Drawing Studies 

Decided to flex my drawing skills a little and on two separate occasions did quick "studies" sketches of Abasi & Empress when they fell asleep on the couch. The "Caught Sleepin'" series.

Woke Up An Artist 

The other day was real inspiring. I'm just going to use my facebook posts from that morning to describe it.

This may of been the best day of my life and it's only 8:40am. Painted as the sun rose up, got a lot of early morning love from the community showing me how much my art just being outside means to them. The best assisant in the world Olivia dropped off goodies! Blessed up with the fam Abasi & Vanya ... And got some dope shots! Ahh... yes.... the ‪#‎ArtLife‬ ‪#‎Lot23‬ ‪#‎PleasantCity‬

So we up, so I'm outside working on the painting this morning when a car slow creeps and pulls up. Nothing unusual, people slow to watch me paint all the time. Then I hear a lady's voice say "Hey sweetie" I turn to see an older woman smiling saying "Every morning I ride down this street to see the paintings outside ever since one day I saw one with a girl graduating coming down broadway. This the first morning I ever got to see who done it. I wanna say thank you, keep up young man." .... 630am and thus its been a great day.. Now I gotta go back to painting but I wanted to share that.

                 A Work in progress, still no name yet 


In case you haven't a clue what #IVOAT (In View of.... AmeriKKKan Terrorist) photo series is... here's a link to the previous blog post which includes others featured "Click Here"

With that said... here we have to more added to the series.

"Life has been hard, but I realize life became easier once I stop putting the blame on everyone for my hardships..." - B DaQueen 

 "As i see it, the artist role is to inspire and motivate artists and others just alike. We provide a sense of freedom when so many other areas of our lives make us feel oppressed and caged. Whether you are the creator or the spectator art gives us a place to free our minds and souls on a level that can be communicated across all spectrum of culture and life." - Turtle Got Art

Art Class

One of the things I do is facilitate an art class Mondays and Thursdays. It's held at the Center of Creative Education here in Pleasant City as part of me living in the Lot 23 artist residency. My class challenges you to create your own art based off interpretations of well known works. I've been excited to see the growth. Just wanted to share shots from this week. 

JaFleu In Hollywood!!!!

 Justice N God's Hands
40in x30in oil on canvas 

As you may know, I'm represented my LA gallery "Gallery 38". Well Gallery 38 is taking over The Roosevelt Hotel this Sunday at Hollywood, CA. And one of my paintings will be exhibited and available for art collectors.  If interested in this painting, email

Oh yea..... #GoneTillSeptember

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