Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Re-imagining "La Grande Odalisque" into "Midnight Musing"

One of my goals is to fill the sketchbook Visualist gave up with studies for paintings I'll be creating. The other night, I got hit with some "inspiration". I flipped to a image in the Art history book my  former English teacher Ms. Brown recently gave me. There was a photo I recalled seeing before and really loved. It was an picture of artist Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres painting "La Grande Odalisque"

  1. Created1814
  2. MediaOil paint

I think what drew me to it was the elongated form reminiscent in ways to how I now paint. To me, represented the embodiment of his muse. I dug that and instantly started sketching an idea of my own muse in a similar pose. From there I decided I wanted to sketch how I would paint my muse in this setting using my current style. 

 For the record yeah this was 1:23am I was cooking that art! 

 Shout-out to Abasi for this frame!

But when it got to actually painting it, I wanted to take it somewhere else. At one point I had something I considered to be like "Impressionism". Impressionism is all about the brush strokes and layers of paint giving you the form. I think it's more feeling than it is technique. Like if Pollacks drips made an subject instead of explosions. Probably not explaining it right. 

Title: Midnight Musing 
Size: 16in x 20in
Medium: Oil on canvas

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