Thursday, June 11, 2015

#TBT: Rest of 2012

If you pay attention to my blog posts you may of notice after Sept 2012 there is a huge gap to me suddenly re-posting 2015. While a lot has happen since, I figured I'd use it being "Throwback Thursdays" to fill in some gaps with some career highlights. So we'll start with the rest of 2012.


Artist Wanted: Art Takes Times Square

Last thing I believe I posted about was being one of the artist who was chosen for "Art Takes Times Square". Where Artist Wanted (now known as See.Me) took digital billboards and display artist works that won an online competition in Times Square. I remember working at Bed Bath & Beyond the day of the online broadcast and so didn't get to see it. But wasn't too long afterwards when these two photos appear.

Interviewed on X102.3 | Met Kendrick Lamar

"After meeting Kendrick Lamar (S/o to DJ Menace for hooking that up so Asif could give KDot a painting) , Poet who fell in love with my piece "Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown" decided to interview me on air about being a artist / art. One of the greatest moments of my life"

Another thing to note is that that Obama painting (which I had did maybe two nights prior) was one of the first in the new style I began to use. We met Kendrick right before GKMC took off. Real cool dude.

ArtOfficiallyDope "We CAN Together"

If you recall back then alongside my homie Daniel Fortune, we had an urban art group showcase called "ArtOfficiallyDope". One of the last shows we did was a can drive for Ipromote Peace to feed the homeless. It was a great time, these are times I was realizing I enjoy curating.

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