Sunday, June 7, 2015

Yesterdays..... New Works and more


Yesterday, I was finishing the painting after been stuck on what else I would do to it. Then, with a little 'musing' it hit me. I had decided to try something different for myself. The backgrounds of my work have been known to have an "abstract" feeling most times, so I decided to go all the way.

I grabbed some acrylic paint and on beat to whatever song was playing (I'm fairly confident the song was on of Childish Gambino's), I just went Jackson Pollock. It literally felt liberating, with each "flick of the wrist!". I was free.... It was like a lot of the inside frustration had it own escape. It's a funny conflicting of styles.... 

Where as the main focus, the overall painting took  days and patience and then in a span of less than 5 minutes an angst filled explosion happens. It's something new I think I'm gonna explore with my works more.

*I realized it was "All The Shine" by Childish Gambino.  By the time the 2nd chorus comes on and I was going on beat with he violin.* 

I never really thought about how whenever I'm done with a piece and everyone has been waiting/watching me make it, how it's really an exclusive debut exhibit for the people of the neighborhood. The feed back is great, his "You done did that again! That's power... that's power"

Milargo Center Love

Got a great letter in the mail from Barbara Starks of Milargo Center for participating in the Blueprint Gallery's "Express Yourself" exhibit. One of my pieces "Jessie's Room" sold before the exhibit even open, which was new feeling I'd like more of. The exhibit ends June 19. The opening was a pleasure to be in, thank God for shades...makes talk much easier. 

Next painting... 

My next piece..... Based from a view pics of my niece. It'll be a minute before I start due being out of some supplies. But I'm ready to switch gears a bit again.

Thinking out loud... 

Speaking of frustrations, the other evening I got to catch some of the sunset. The whole time, in the back of my mind I couldn't get September out of my head. There are simple dreams artist wish to achieve. Getting gallery representation and a solo exhibit is major. Especially when its out of the state you grew up in. But I can't help bout think about the complications of dream chasing rearing it's ugly head again. Needless to say, I just been feeling a bit under pressure. There's choices to be made, consequences to be dealt with... And to many people who are affected. Many times I wish I could fast forward to see the end results, but fact is you gotta have faith. I've always thought I was just ridiculously lucky. Like that could be the only way to explain all that has happen since I started painting. But then it was Obatala himself (in the form of one of my Blum Park homies who oddly enough was dressed in all white) sat with me and gave me the message. He started of saying "Ain't no suck things as luck, it's blessings... You just blessed" Now this had came out of nowhere to me originally, till the conversation went further. Admittedly I did more listening than talking, something about the look in his eye and what he said reminded me so much of my father. "Talk to that MAN! He ain't never leave you, we leave him. I see you painting, you know I love them Big Baby, everybody do. You blessed for a reason, talk to that man!"... With all the jewels dropped that stayed heavy in my mind. I kept hearing it overnight as I thought of a lot of what's driving me nuts.

So in my search for clarity, guess I'll be having a talk with God. 

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