Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Serena vs .... (Painting)

"Serena Vs..."
Ballin': The Game of Life series
16in x 20in
Acrylic on canvas

For inquiries:  art@gallery38.com

Serena Williams is the first subject in my new series BTGOL. In the series i will explore the theme of dominate black athletes battling outside issues that plague them im their respective sport. And it will be set against the backdrop of an America not to open to black people.
In "Serena vs..." I pit Serena Williams in a battle against her haters and media. Using an instagram like camera to personify social media... and the floating tennis ball head hating ghouls personify the haters detached from the game trying to through her off as she serves up the world with all he curves.
And behind her we see a brick wall. This wall is representative of the wall i painted last summer in the Revolting HeARTS series. The wall is what black lives matters are fighting to break. A wall thats filled with names of unarmed males. The wall serves as the block America has on truly dealing with black issues.
So thats the gest of what i'm aiming to do with this series.

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