Friday, September 11, 2015

The Pursuit of Happiness / Happiness Found (Paintings)

The Pursuit of Happiness
20In x 20in
Acrylic on canvas

This painting is part of two part story. With this I wanted to touch on the weight of chasing one's dream. The journey to happiness is a crazy road and if you get caught up you can get thrown off. For a lot of those who go all out to chasing their dreams, the burdens of life came be so heavy.  You may find yourself with next to nothing,  but by faith you keep pushing forwarded,  weary. bent but not broken.

Happiness Found
20in x20in
Acrylic on canvas

With the second piece in the two part story I wanted to touch on achieving your dream. You've made it to where your happiness resides. Whether its family, financial success, love whatever it is you've been in pursuit of you've got it. A while ago i started using these orange golden balls as visuals for a blessing. If your a DBZ fan (one time for my fellow nerds) you understand and catch that the blessings are essentially dragon balls. In DBZ lore, you gotta collect 7 in order to make a wish. Here i painted the 7, six at his feet and one being given to him by God.

The journey to happiness is long, harsh and twisted. But it is worth it, i wanted to create with these something to inspire myself and others to keep going.  The American Dream is a false package marketed to those of color as only achievable if you follow their rules, their way. I say no, you got to follow your own path, as scary and difficult as it my be. It's your God given constitutional right to pursue happiness.  So to the dreamers, those who feel they've got nothing left.... keep going. Happiness is for you to claim.

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