Monday, September 21, 2015

Unarmed & Dangerous (painting)

Unarmed & Dangerous 

16in x 20in
Acrylic on canvas 

In a day and age where some law enforcement officers have been increasingly hostile towards unarmed blacks, I felt an desire to touch on that. Using myself as the subject.  Its my way of saying we've been marked from the jumped, convicted for just being born another shade.

"Negus with Ambition"  is written in blood as my way of saying i won't be targeted just on my skin alone because while America may see a nigga with attitude,  its really a King with Ambition pushing towards his dreams. Behind blind lady justice is the 12 members of bland jury and on the other side a pencil and paintbrush which represents art speaking, testifying for me.

Originally i painted this with eyes open but then inspiration from vibing to Vincent Van Goghs art triggered the colorful explosion.

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