Monday, March 20, 2017

JaFleu on BECON TV's "The New Haitian Generation"

To whom it may concern... last week I got an opportunity that I was eternally grateful for. I was able to do a sit-down interview with BECON TV'S "The New Haitian Generation".

The New Haitian Generation has been on television for 20+ years. Focusing episode after episode on highlighting Haitian-American's making big waves in the community. Over the years in my youth I've sporadically caught episodes and would think to myself it be cool to be relevant enough to be featured on there. Watching athletes, entertainers and much more shared their stories and gifts inspiring the future.

So you can only imagine what was going on in my mind when the official invite came through my email. Thanks to my brother author, poet and much more Yanatha Desourve who was also just featured on there telling them about me.

Hats & Facemask/Headband Courtesy of ZOE MFG

Fast forward a few emails and a dope Haitian Art exhibition that I curated, here we are sitting the headquarters of Zoe MFG. An up and coming Haitian clothing apparel company that allowed for us to shoot the interview in their venue. Special thank you to Rennette Fortune for working so hard behind the scenes to make it all happen.

Zoe MFG took it to a whole other level by hooking myself up with some of their treal products.

James R Donohue, the host/interviewer was amazing and made me feel comfortable with the big ass camera and super bright lights. Even being given an email days in advance with all the questions I still wasn't prepared. Especially for "plot twist" questions that weren't part of it.

Things felt so surreal when the lights got dim and all I could see pass the lights and camera was shadows. The nerves were crazy, trying not to stumble over words or come off crazy. First impressions are everything right?

With my painting "The Birth of Treal" behind me...  I spoke about art, my role in it, curating, my career til this point, growing up Haitian, poetry even being asked to perform on the spot. There was a moment where my emotions got the best of me when the conversation got to about my parents and I spoke on my father (RIP Papi) who passed Aug 2013.  By the end of the whole experience (which went into just over a hour) I was feeling more comfortable, All though I kept messing up the promo lines, it took me over 20x to say two lines... yikes.

Being able to be apart of this program meant a lot to myself, as an artist but mostly as a person. A person who has dedicated the years since 2010 to pursuing the Art Life but always representing for my fellow Haitians. The episode doesn't air till May, just in time for Haitian Heritage Month which to me is perfect!

What's Next?
Catch me performing at MIAMI LIVE Next Monday hosted by DJ Smokey

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