Thursday, March 9, 2017

Miami Live Performance, Muses + Bruises Interview & More

Performing at Miami Live

As an artist, the goal is to always give all of you when given the opportunity to present the world your gifts. Last night I got to follow through on that once again. As one of the performers at Miami Live Open Mic, hosted by 1035 The Beat's very own DJ Epps.

One thing about performing is you can't just stay in your hometown. You've got to expand and make the people aware of who you are. And so Visualist and myself set out to do so. Taking the ride down to Miami for me to touch the stage and hopefully leave an impact. The venue it's self was fire and as we chilled, waiting for the to start the nerves began to flood.

On the outside I'm trying hard not to show it but inside I was going crazy. I'm looking around and I'm feeling completely out of my element. Considering the room was filled with Trap/Swag rappers and singers and here I am the one poet. The poet whose content I wasn't even 100 % sure would connect. I even considered leaving... all this in my head of course.

But as performer after performer goes... I think to myself "Nah fam, you here. We came from West Palm Beach... you got to at least get up there". And then the time comes... I make my way to the DJ Epps' booth as he begins to introduce me. Here I am now, standing on the stage, looking at the crowd waiting on what this big dude bout to do....

To break the tension sorta speak I rely on that tried and true call and response.... "Sap Pase?!!!"

The crowd responds as expected, I mean we are in Miami and I'm wearing a big thing round my neck with the image of the Haitian Flag... I start my piece holding the mic and not liking the feedback from it and holding it I decided to do something that later everyone I spoke to or overheard mentioned as being the moment that caught everyone's attention....  I put the mic down.

I put the mic on the stage and proceed to go for mines as I have countless of times rehearsed. I proceed to use my voice to snatch the ears... and what was most crazy for me was realizing... people came to the stage. Suddenly I'm seeing everyone crowded around the stage, listening... reacting to my words... my voice. No music... no mic... no dances or hooks just my words and passion. And it connected in a major way with the people through out the night. An honor and a blessing. A lot of dope connects and conversations were had. I couldn't begin to express how dope it was.


Muses + Bruises Podcast Interview

Back in February, I sat down with my good personal friend Jenn La Reine for a great conversation on her podcast "Muses + Bruises". Check out Episode 15, where we talk art, the journey and much more.  I had a great time and was honored to be one of her guest!


What's Next?

Well.... so I'll be on an upcoming episode of BeconTV's "The New Haitian Generation" which spotlights Haitian-Americans in sports, entertainment etc. They'll be shooting during The Blueprint Gallery x Exhibit Treal "Haitian Heritage" Art Exhibit  I curated for The Milagro Center. I'll also will be performing there.. and look forward to the interview. Stay tuned for that!  I remember watching NHG a few times as a kid thinking how cool it would be to be on there one day and now here we are!.

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