Friday, June 23, 2017

Artist Inspires Little Haiti Youth & Breathes Life in Hip Hop Album Art

Artist Inspires Little Haiti Youth & Breathes Life in Hip Hop AlbumArt

JaFleu Visits "Achieve Miami"

The students of Jesse J Mcrcray Elementary who attended the "Achieve Miami" Art Program this summer received a special visit from Jason "JaFleu" Fleurant. As the guest speaker, JaFleu spoke to students about the life of an artist, pursuing dreams and more.

Showcasing original artwork and answers questions from the young very engaging youth. After  having delightful and surprising thought provoking Q&A,
JaFleu began to surprise the children and staff when after having everyone came up with a name for a particular painting he had brought, he revealed that the painting was being donated to the school.

In another interesting plot twist... It turns out on the same exact day of June 22, JaFleu had done his very first of many guest speaking opportunities when he spoke to the youth of Palm Beach State College's summer youth program.

JaFleu creates Haitian Fresh's Upcoming Album Cover

After being commissioned to create an portrait in his own style of Recording Artist Haitian Fresh. JaFleu set out to put his soul into it. The end result...

The Label and Haitian Fresh himself agreeing to turn it into the cover artwork for his Upcoming Album.

New Solo Exhibit "Our BeautiFLEU Lives"

JaFleu's next solo exhibition #OurBeautiFLEULives opening reception is July 20th at Harold's Coffee Lounge.

Booking/Art Inquiries: Lue at 

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