Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Behind the Art: Can We Get Much Higher

Behind​ the Art: "Can We Get Much Higher" 

The other night I found myself revisiting the Kanye West album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". This is easily not only one of my favorite Kanye albums but favorite albums period. The intro song "Dark Fantasy" the chorus askes "Can we get much higher?"

One of the reasons I love this album is because of the relationship Kanye has with the Phoenix. The Phoenix representing love, inspiration, art and so forth.

With this piece I wanted to touched on the idea of someone being lifted high from those things, literally in the clouds and just wonder to himself, can we get much higher than where we are?

I also used this piece to pay tribute to The Orisha, Oshun. Using the colors more associated with her on her side and give her skirt a color pattern similar to a bee.

 I also used different shades of brown on her skin to promote the beauty and power of being black.

Can We Get Much Higher
24in x 30in | Acrylic on Canvas
For purchase inquiries:
Lue at fleumgmt@gmail.com 

Don't forget "All Eyez on FLEU"
My solo art exhibit is happening 06.17 at the 1310 Gallery in Ft Lauderdale, Fl.

Over 30 pieces!!!

During the run on the exhibit, on July 2nd there will be a screening of the documentary "Liberty in a Soul" more details on that very soon.  RSVP at www.universe.com/higherfrequency.com

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