Sunday, June 25, 2017

Behind The Art: I'mma Tell 'Em The Truth

Behind The Art: I'mma Tell 'Em Truth 

One of the things artist's want to do, at least what I like to think they would is to create art that makes some type of impact or means more than just a beautiful image. I don't always set out with that as my mission. I admittedly have said many of times that it's not truly myself that's doing the art. It's God that takes over.

When I started to sketch out this piece, my only intent was to create something of a woman singing. But as often times happens, something had more in mind.

Even though I had various podcasts playing (Fanbros, The Black Guy Who Tips, Double Toasted & more) in my earbuds, I kept hear the song "Sing for the moment" in the back of my head.

It wasn't till I started to paint it that I started to notice what was on the canvas. My childhood friend Enol, who had been kicking it with me for a brief minute said that when he saw the work in progress "she looks like "I'mma Tell Em The Truth". Instantly that clicked with me as the perfect title.

I then showed him how the microphone that seemingly comes from nowhere is actually God's finger. And she,  (Oshun is what I call her) she getting ready to give the universe the truth of her gift.

In the background you have a woman Dancing to the music, and a father and his children completely enamored by her while playing the djembe.

This piece to me is a wonderful glimpse into Our BeautiFLEU Lives!

"I'mma Tell Em The Truth"
24x24x2 | Acrylic on Canvas


See it in person at:
Our BeautiFLEU Lives: JaFleu Solo Art Exhibit

Opening Reception July 20, 2017 | 7p-10
Harold's Coffee Lounge
509 Northwood Rd
West Palm Beach, Fl 33407

Thank You BLM

Also I just wanted to say thank you for the card I received from Black Lives Matter. For Mother's Day, they reached out to myself and some other artists to create pieces for a campaign called "Dear Trayvon". I was honored to be apart of it and appreciate the card sincerely.

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