Saturday, June 10, 2017

Behind The Art: She Bee Dancin / Set Love Free

She Bee Dancin' | 16x20 | Acrylic on Canvas

 She Bee Dancin'

To know me is to know I have a deep love for dancers. Maybe it's because of being born with two-left feet, but I admire the ability to tell stories with their movement. So I wanted to create another treal piece using a dancer as the subject. Thus we have "She Bee Dancn'"

"She Bee Dancin'" is about accepting your freedom in your gift and using it to draw the world's attention. The dancer in this painting is an tribute to the Orisha, Oshun. You can notice little things I've done in it honoring her.

I think we often times sleep on how powerful our gifts are. Which leads us to often times forget that if we truly love it and proceed to do with rather we're gain financial wins or not from it, The Universe will take care of the rest. We only believe in ourselves and remember to live in the piece and freedom in our talents.

That unlocks new levels. But that's just my thoughts.


Set Love Free | 10x20 | Acrylic on Canvas

"Set Love Free"

I'm sure we've all heard the saying "If you love something, you have to set it free. And if it comes back, then it's meant to be." or some variation of that. With this piece I wanted to put the feeling on canvas. I wanted the painting to touch the conflict of Love not really sure it wants to leave and you try to let it go off into the world.


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