Monday, June 26, 2017

Behind the Art: Why "Dope Boy Fresh"?

Why Dope Boy Fresh?

From the moment I sketched what would become the watercolor study for "Dope Boy Fresh" I've been asked but why though? Why am I painting something that potentially glorifies the negatives in our community.

First let me say there is no me glorifying drug dealing. This is me addressing all that takes part in Our BeautiFLEU Lives. And it wouldn't be right of me to not address it.

I don't know how to paint ugly things, but I do know how to use my art to speak on ugly things. And while in the painting we've got him with a rack to the ear, dope gold chains it's deeper than that.

There is a reason the gun, drugs on the scale and phone aren't painted. It's to point out how meaningless it truly is to his life. While everything else is in vibrant colors.

"Dope Boy Fresh"
16x20 | Acrylic on canvas
$500 + shipping

There's more to life than drugs, social media and all the "Ills or the world". If you look at his eyes and then see the two books matching the colors you realize what's really keeping him fresh is the knowledge he gains and how it's directly connected to the outside world.

What keeps this Dope Boy Fresh is he sees beyond his current situation. A lesson many of us could learn including myself.


JaFleu Performing at Flo'Pocalyse

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New Solo Exhibit "Our BeautiFLEU Lives"

Our BeautiFLEU Lives: JaFleu Solo Art Exhibit

Opening Reception July 20, 2017 | 7p-10
Harold's Coffee Lounge
509 Northwood Rd
West Palm Beach, Fl 33407

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