Thursday, June 1, 2017

Clematis Aesop Fables Catches The FLEU

Last month I had the honor of being one of the artists selected to do paint an "Aesop Table". These are benches provided by the City where artists create their interpretation of Aesop Fables.
Illustration Study 

I chose my favorite of the fables. The Grasshopper and The Ants. For myself that story connected, growing up I can see how Haitians were very much like the ants with the hard-working mindset.  Being that it was Haitian Heritage Month when I painted it I couldn't not take this as an opportunity to represent for Haitians.

So I painted the Haitian Flag on the cup the Grasshopper is resting on. And gave the space and island feel as well, even slipping in a conch shell. I also made prominent the Haitian colors of Blue & Red.

There is an opening tonight to see all 25 benches from 6p to 10p on the West Palm Beach Waterfront's Great Lawn. They will be exhibited all summer long and you are encouraged to sit at them.

Each artist is paired up with an Charity and our benches will be auctioned off to benefit them. Mines being Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition.

Check out the WPTV Channel 5 Story about them.


I waited till after hours to go spend some QT with my table and check out the others. They all gonna be out on the lawn at the end of Clematis All Summer Long. Check them out, if you're in Downtown Clematis, West Palm Beach, Fl. Have lunch, take selfies. If you take pics with mines use #AesopFleu on your social media!

We made the City recognize The FLEU!!!!

Now back to #AllEyezOnFLEU work

Also on the 22 I was the featured Visual Artist at The City of Delray's "Sets In The West".

It was an amazing time. Photos are up for it.

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