Friday, November 24, 2017

A Queensbridge Cat x #PayItForwartArtDrops

After creating Hip How's royal couple The Carters as Treal Toonz, next was a certain cat from Queensbridge. The one and only NaS.

A Queensbridge Cat
12in x 16in
Acrylic on Canvas

$15 Art Print

#PayItForwardArt Drops

Being that it's "Black Friday" and people were out and about shopping deals for the holidays. I decided to do another round of what I call #PayItForwardArt around town.

Not that I can afford to give art away but you gotta sometimes do it for the culture.

I received a message from some one who found one. ❤️

I intentionally don't leave a card or anything like that on the #payitforwardart drops because I don't do them in an attempt to get my name out. I only post pics hours after I dropped them so people don't go looking for them because it's not a scanverger hunt. I just do it because I feel like giving back in it's purest form. So when someone who happens to find one finds me it means much more ❤️

New Treal TOONZ Artwork

"Phuk A Rotten Orange"
12in x 16in

"We Be Clubbin'"
12in x 16in

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