Sunday, November 5, 2017

Enter Treal Toonz

If we don't continue to evolve we die. So again I've gone through an artistic evolution. Embracing more of my cartoonist/writer side.

I've created what I call Treal Toonz. These characters based on my friends and family have open a new world to me. A world as a child I only dreamed of.

A few month back I self published to children's books. "Teddy's Big Break" & "Uncle Duty: Rushing into Trouble".

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These characters have kept evolving. Uncle Duty is more family all ages and what I'm doing with Teddy Elephante and gang is a little older and edgier if you will.

That's just the short end of it all. Check out some of the artwork.

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Art for Sale and Merchandise coming soon as the site undergoes maintenance. In the meantime.
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