Thursday, November 30, 2017

Media FLEU: Interviews And New Books In Progress

This year has been an incredible one and I'm truly blessed. One of my favorite quotes is that from the book The Alchemist that reads  “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Granted the journey has never been easy I fully believe this to be true.

I was so very much honored when Kyoto Walker reached out to me about doing a cover story about myself for The Palm Beach Post. Being someone who doesn't have publicist (at this time of course) and just has been grinding, pursuing dreams this was beyond major.  And after a few days of back and forth interviewing the article came out today.

As I looked at it I'm borderline speechless on how far things have come and so excited on what God has for my future.

You can read the digital version here.

In this interview I kept it Treal, stating how a deal with depression and mental illness, something we don't really speak on in the black community as well as what I stand for as an creative.  I'm really grateful that Kyoto felt I was worthy to write about.

The New Haitian Generation 

Some of you may recall that back in March I was also bless to join a long line of Haitians making moves by sitting down and being interviewed by BECON-TV' for "The New Haitian Generation". A cable television show I watched so many times as a child and dreamed to one day be on.

It was surreal and on Oct 13th it aired on TV. My First real Television interview.


I've been working on the next books. Instead of just doing them in the traditional format of writing with Illustrated pages I'm instead doing them in the form of graphic novels.

Lavi Atizay" is a book where featuring Treal Too characters Teddy Elephante & gang is about heroes using powers that are art influence to protect creativity against those that would wish to stop it.

And continuing the "Uncle Duty" series is it's next book "The Stolen Quest" I don't want to go to into detail but it's awesome story of when BeBe Treal and his Cub nephews discover a book that sends then on a exciting journey.

The books are still family oriented. And instead of digital making them (except for when it's time to add the lettering) I am hand drawing and painting them which I'm loving.

I'm hoping to be able to lock a publishing deal for them but if not self publishing like my other books is the move. We shall see, Stay Tuned and stay blessed!!!

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