Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Meet "The Carters" Treal Toonz Artwork

The thing I love most about Treal Toonz is being able to reinterpret things however I happen to like. Early this year I started a series within my Colored Folkz style called "Iconic FLEU" where I painted famous black figures using the colored segmented style (I said style twice... Couldn't think of an alternate word).

This is the first in a series of paintings recreating famous black culture figures as Treal Toonz.

The Carters:

I took the photo of Beyonce and Jay-Z visit to see the Mona And flipped it. Turning Beyonce into a Bee and Jay-Z into a Camel bit a blue one because of The Blueprint & suxh.

First creating at 9x12 watercolor Illustration.

And now the 24x30 acrylic painting.

Also available are the

The Carters Hoodie

The Carter Mug

Also well as $15 Art print

Also new Treal TOONZ Hoodies & Backbag available! 

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