Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Cover Artwork for Upcoming Treal Toonz "Uncle Duty" Comicbook

This book has been quite the labor of love in creating. 13 pages of 68 hand drawn, inked and color panels make up vol 1.

"Uncle Duty" is intended in being an on-going Treal Toonz comicbook series produced by Exhibit Treal. Written and Illustrated by myself,
JaFLEU (it would be kind of weird if you didn't know my name considering the blog lol).

The first arch "The Stolen Quest" is comprised of multiple Vols telling the tell of BeBe Treal & his nephews (Symba & Booger) misadventure when they come in contact with an mysterious book after visiting the library.

While you can't judge every book by it's cover, a dope cover sure does help. So I painted this one on 16in x 20in canvas using acrylic paint.

All that is left is for me to scan and word the pages. Then the journey to getting it
distributed, push come to shove I'll self-publish it on blurb like my other two books, but I would much rather get an distributor so to have mass copies out.

Much like my more "traditional" books, this intended not just for children but families. Something Adults, teens & kids will love to read and collect.

Because I am a poet the book will be written in rhymes. From narration, speech bubbled etc. Rhyming is something I love to do, and I don't waste a bar.

I'm looking forward to being able to release this and more as well as more of my other children's books.

The Backpack

Available for Order

$15 Art Prints of the cover are available.

For any inquiries and such feel free to contact me

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