Saturday, January 27, 2018

Inking A Treal Toonz Comic Strip

The process of "inking" is sometimes the
most tedious part. But it's where the image is starting to come to life. I have a series of comic strips featuring the Treal Toonz called "Strip'Down" where they in one or two pages have misadventures with Agent Rotten Orange or tackle various other topics.

The strips aren't going to be colored so the differentiate for people what is meant to kids and what's more "Adult oriented content".

Inking The Strip Video

As I type I'm 7 strips in with a goal of 12-15 before publishing. 

This is one of the strips part of the "Phukin'with Agent Rotten Orange" series. This time featuring BeBe Treal.

I've released 4 strips that can be viewed on my site right now.

IG: @jafleu 
Twitter: @jafleutheartist
Exhibit Treal

IG: @trealtoonz

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