Friday, January 19, 2018

Meeting International Artist Lily Yeh

This afternoon, Visualist & I met with renowned International artist Lily Yeh during our meeting with the CRA. We've been tapped to be apart of a big project in our community. One that we're extremely hype about.

I can't say much much about it so far but
the impact it's going to have is massive. And as young black men, these opportunities are rarely given to us. It's truly a blessing. 

Lily is an amazing person, it was great talking art and such with her. She loved
our work and we were honored to bless her with some of our prints. 

Tomorrow we'll be meeting with the community about the project before our exhibits.

Speaking of which, we canvas the town with flyers promoting. 

Hope to see y'all there.

PAL: Police Athletic League
720 Tamarind Ave
West Palm Beach, Fl 33401 


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