Friday, January 26, 2018

Memory turned Toonz, Leaving A Mark x Teens Art Exhibition

Three years ago when did our first Exhibit Treal group art show. The night was classic. That was during the time when I was more focused on curating art shows.

Turtle reposted this dope photo from it of all of us and I decided I wanted to recreate it as a Treal Toonz Illustration.

Making of Video:

The Vibes 

Also last night the vibes hit strong. There's this wall I been eyeing forever where a bunch of people randomly spray painted words that's just been there.

I don't know what got into me but the messages of "listen to the universe" & "leave your footprints" sparked me to leave my own.

So In about 5 minutes I drew this Treal
Toonz strip using the SoHo Permanent Markers.

They're fade &: water resistant and have this dope shine to it.

I won't say where but y'all know.

Students Exhibit!

Save the date, next Friday you'll get to see all the incredible work the teens have created from the "Black Icons" Paintings, Jamaal Clark "photography sessions" with them, 3d Printing & so so much more that they've done. Come support these youths!!!!

With the Black Icons series we wanted to touch on those we've lost and how it matters. Especially with the portrait of Corey Jones who was a major part of the Milagro Center.

Corey Jones

Nina Simone x Sandra Bland

Martin Luther King Jr x Trayvon Martin

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